Minim Pemberitaan, Mantan Putri Indonesia Ini Ternyata Telah Menikah dengan Pria Asal India

Minim Pemberitaan, Mantan Putri Indonesia Ini Ternyata Telah Menikah dengan Pria Asal India

Nadine Alexandra (Foto: Instagram) – Mantan Putri Indonesia 2010, Nadine Alexandra lama tidak tampil lagi di layar kaca. Pasca menjadi Putri Indonesia, nama Nadine semakin dikenal dikala itu.

Ia pun terjun ke dunia akting dan membintangi beberapa judul film, ftv, dan sinetron. Kini, pemeran Brie di film Filosofi Kopi 2 itu kembali membuat publik heboh.

Bagaimana tidak, ternyata Nadine sudah menikah diam-diam dengan pria asal India. Kabarnya, Nadine meresmikan pernikahannya di Padma Resort Ubud, Bali.

Sayangnya, pernikahan yang digelar pada 15 Juli lalu itu sama sekali tidak tersorot media. Pernikahan Nadine pun diketahui tim melalui akun Instagram miliknya @nadinealexandradewi pada Sabtu, (11/8/2018).

Nadine mengunggah foto pernikahannya pada 29 Juli lalu. Dalam foto yang diunggah tersebut, tampak pernikahan Nadine dan suaminya yang bernama Sahil.

Keduanya terlihat begitu serasi dengan menggunakan busana pengantin warna putih budaya India. Nadine dan Sahil pun tampak sangat bahagia dihari pernikahan mereka.

Sedangkan untuk malam resepsi, Nadine dan Sahil memilih konsep Internasional. Nadine terlihat cantik dengan gaun warna putih, sedangkan Sahil terlihat gagah dengan tuxedo wedding warna biru.

We picked July 15 as our date with hopes that the rainy season would be far behind us but… climate change had other plans! During our ceremony it rained and poured… which meant that we would probably have to move our reception indoors. Hubby leaned over to me and asked what I thought. Keep it outdoors and risk the rain? Or play it safe and move to the ballroom? Everyone suggested we go with the safe option but my Heart kept saying “No. Keep it on the lawn!” – 5.15PM – decision time. The sky was still grey and lightly drizzling. I said to my hubby that I felt it would be fine to keep it outdoors. He said his Heart felt the same. Everyone shook on it and there was no turning back! Worst case scenario would mean rain during the reception and hilarious memories of people running for cover, right? – During our grand entrance, our first dance and even our welcome speech it continued drizzled on and off but eventually stopped completely! Though we were running late and the venue had strict time constraints, we had the most amazing time – even interrupting the main course to dance to the super fun & funky set by @wearemanja ? – In ancient traditions it is believed that rain on your wedding day is auspicious and a sign of good luck, fortune and abundance. It supposedly foretells a strong marriage and that we work well in the face of obstacles. Whatever it means, I know we both felt (and still feel) undeniably blessed and grateful that everything went perfectly even if that meant it wasn’t according to *our* plan ? – Thank you to @varawedding for keeping it cool during some stressful decision-making moments and for pulling it all together! ???? #trusttheuniverse

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